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Parents, have a quiet dinner out while your children are having fun in our gym.  

Classes offered:
Mommy and Me
(recommended for cheerleaders)

Connections Gymnastics School

1100 Route 130

Robbinsville, NJ 08691


Our Class Programs

Summer Camp

Special Events

Duration of Class:

60 minutes 
60 minutes

60 minutes
60 minutes
90 minutes
60 minutes 

18 months - 3 years
3 years - 5 years
5 years - 16 years
5 years - 16 years 
6 years - 16 years
8 years - 16 years

Weekday Hour Class times are:  4:00pm, 5:15pm or 6:30pm

Saturday Class times are: 9:00am, 10:15am or 11:30am 

Call the office for 1 1/2 hour class times: (609)259-8822

​Call us (609) 259-8822

Class Program

Connections Gymnastics offers small classes, grouped by age and ability.

Birthday Parties

We offer children, ages 3 and up a fun way to stay fit during the summer months.

Connections Gymnastics offers classes for all ages and abilities from age 18 months to 16 years. Taught by experienced professional instructors, your child is insured individual attention and a rewarding gymnastics experience.  Our class size is limited to 6 children and only two classes will be running each hour.  By using work stations, your children will be socially distanced while staying fit and having fun!


Our awesome Birthday Parties begin with one hour of organized activities in the gym.